Our Aim Is to Provide Innovative Technology to Improve Jockey Safety and Animal Welfare, Fix Long Standing Industry Challenges & Support Your Race Club Goals

The new Gallop Track surface we have in our arena at Ellerston Onassis Polo has been a massive help to our training routine.

With all this rain recently, we have been riding up to 90 horses a day in the arena. With a quick groom from our Gallop Track groom the arena is always ready for practise chukkas or schooling whenever we want.

The surface has great grip and give for the horses to be worked hard at any time of the day, any time of the year.

It’s amazing how quiet the surface rides too.

James Harper

Ellerston Onassis Polo

Hunter Valley, NSW

Our initial concerns was “would the existing material blend with the new material” and following numerous test samples we were comfortable to move a head with the project with Gallop Track.

Working 14 days straight, the process was very thorough and professional. The track was reopened for track work and initial reaction and feedback has been very positive, we have also just encountered yet another flood and the newly renovated Synthetic/Gallop Track was nothing short
of fantastic.

The post service support and follow up has been great and I look forward to continuing a long and positive relationship moving forward with Gallop Track.

Daniel Beckhaus

Track Manager


Gallop Track Co-Founder, Ian Pearse And Michael White, Has Been At The Forefront Of The Australian Synthetic Track Industry
For Two Decades And Counting

Ian started Pro Ride Racing in 1999 and was awarded funding via Federal Government grants to drought-proof the Australian racing industry. After selling Pro Ride Racing in 2016, Ian dedicated his time to fixing what he saw as glaring problems in the state of the Australian racing industry – a lack of technical expertise and after sales service.

Ian co-founded Gallop Track along with Michael White who has 15 years installation and maintenance of tracks within Australia. He heads the Gallop Track Operation Department and has assisted in new product development while providing full turn-key solutions to our clients. Gallop Track’s mission is to bring new and advanced technology to improve animal welfare and support Race Club and stakeholders at the intersection of safety and performance, so that you can protect athletes, deliver world-class events, and meet your goals with confidence.

Gallop Track Was Founded To Solve Glaring Problems In The Australian Racing Industry

How can you be expected to manage your day-to-day operations without horses coming in contact with hard and potentially dangerous crossovers, marshalling areas and jump-out areas? What steps can you take to reduce costly maintenance when these areas require ongoing irrigation, grooming and presentation.

Gallop Track & Equine Crossings Australia answers these long-standing questions with new and advanced technology that provides ease of access for daily operations, without increasing the risk of injury, increasing maintenance costs, or impacting the visibility or performance of your track and crossings.

A Message From Our Founders

We started Gallop Track to help achieve new and better technology in
surfaces and drainage systems through a unique range of products that
support jockey safety and animal welfare. We’re excited to help you achieve
those same goals to support your jockeys & horses.

What Places Us at the Forefront of the Australian Racing Industry?

We Deliver Innovative Track Solutions That Meet The Needs Of All Industry Stakeholders

We use our own proprietary Gallop Track binder and industry-leading materials to engineer
safe and reliable track and crossover solutions. Now, your Race Club can enjoy consistent
performance in most weather conditions with water on demand from below your track
surface supporting jockey and animal health while increasing consistency.

That’s why every Racing Industry wins.

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