Discover Australia’s Only Synthetic Crossover Solution

Designed to Support Horse, Jockey & Vehicle Access

Designed to support access for vehicles, water carts and maintenance equipment while providing a surface suitable for Jockey & Horse.

Around the world Crossovers have been a major concern for many facilities.

As our Company has been involved in the industry for over 20 years, we have noticed this problem. Up until recent times there has been no solution.

Equine Crossings Australia is the Company who have now introduced the safest Crossover that can support the weight of all your vehicles while providing a surface that can have the same consistency as your turf track.

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The World's First

‘Aqua Track’ Below Surface
Irrigation System & ECA Crossings

Breeder’s Cup USA
Track surface Provider

We’ve Installed Tracks Australia-Wide

Gallop Track & Equine Crossings Australia propriety binder

Vertical & Horizontal Drainage Technology

Reduce Bottom-Up Compaction

Support Jockey & Animal Health

Safe & Consistent Surface

Have You Been Frustrated
Attempting To Solve A Problem With
No Clear Solution?

The Australian racing industry has struggled to solve the crossover problem for decades – odds are you’re the same.

Between Race Clubs looking to deliver safer and consistent track surfaces, owners investing significant sums on horses, trainers with their reputation at stake, punters looking for accurate reporting and the day-to-day operations of managing track facilities, the variable is the same – hard crossovers.

Jockeys and horses running at high speed on well-presented and forgiving turf surfaces risk serious injury when hitting a rock-hard crossover in stride.

Are Dense, Rock Hard Crossovers Causing Any Of The Following Headaches?

Are you worried about the risk of injury to both jockeys and horses?

And the stark contrast in firmness between track and crossover can cause serious injuries to jockeys and animals travelling at high speed…

Are your track managers noting increasing maintenance costs?

And you want to slash the overheads that come from regular track irrigation andand placing grass clippings over your hard road base for appearances.
Take out enjoy minimal grooming on race day.

Are you concerned about the appearance and profile of your crossover?

And you understand the importance of visual appeal and stride cushioning when hosting televised races, attracting trainers and building public confidence…

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you’re ideally placed to solve the problem of hard crossing that’s affected every Australian Race Club… until now.

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Introducing ECA Crossovers:

The World’s First Equine Safety Mat
System Delivering Consistent Density
Between Track And Crossings.

At Equine Crossing Australia (ECA), we understand your
need for track accessibility. At the same time, after
recognising the significant risks of animals transitioning
from soft and forgiving turf to a hard crossover at high
speed, we developed a world’s first track and
crossover solution.

With our scientifically designed and tested ECA
crossovers, you can minimise the risk of injuries to both
jockeys and horses without compromising the
accessibility needs that support the day-to-day
management of your track.

Here’s How ECA Crossovers Work

ECA Safety Mat System:

Laid first for drainage and cushion in the lower portion of your crossover profile and to reduce bottom-up compaction to footing without compromising safe infield access.

Green Synthetic Surface:

Top layer green synthetic to blend to your current turf surface provides optimal support and performance via the addition of polymer blend and fibre to help absorb impact and reduce injuries.

High Drainage Rate:

ECA Safety Mat System drains at 20,000mm per hour to easily drain water from the surface and alleviate your current problems of potential dangerous soft spots.

Minimal Maintenance:

High drainage rate and consistent density from track to crossing means minimal upkeep day-to-day with grooming only needed for presentation on race day. Removal of contaminants is essential.

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We’ve Got 25 Years Of Experience As Innovators And Developers Of Surfaces And Irrigation Systems For The Racing Industry

Gallop Track co-founder, Ian Pearse and Michael White, has been at the forefront
of the Australian synthetic track industry for two decades and counting.

Ian started Pro Ride Racing in 1999 and was awarded funding via Federal Government grants to drought-proof the Australian racing industry. After selling Pro Ride Racing in 2016, Ian dedicated his time to fixing what he saw as glaring problems in the state of the Australian racing industry – a lack of technical expertise and after sales service.

Ian co-founded Gallop Track along with Michael White who has 15 years installation and maintenance of tracks within Australia. He heads the Gallop Track Operation Department and has assisted in new product development while providing full turn-key solutions to our clients. Gallop Track’s mission is to bring new and advanced technology to improve animal welfare and support Race Club and stakeholders at the intersection of safety and performance, so that you can protect athletes, deliver world-class events, and meet your goals with confidence.

ECA Solves The Unsolvable
Crossover Problem

Designed to support your day-to-day operations without putting jockeys, animals, or punting confidence at risk.

Increased Jockey Safety

Equine safety mats systems
absorb impact to minimise
the risk of injuries to horses
and their jockeys by
removing the divide between
your track’s ‘good’ surface
and ‘hard’ crossover.

Support Animal Welfare

Become a leader in equine
and jockey welfare and build a culture where the health and safety of racehorses is central to your Race Club.

Attract Owners and Trainers

Deliver a world-class training and racing infrastructure that attracts horse owners and trainers by minimising the risks of crossover breakdowns and injuries.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Equine safety mat systems
allow for vertical drainage
with cushion from the
proprietary Gallop Track
binder providing a surface
coating to eliminate watering
and reduce irrigation and
maintenance costs.

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The Gallop Track Advantage

How will you benefit?

Race Clubs



What are you going to do to promote animal welfare and jockey safety on your track?

Experience the Gallop Track Difference

Hear why race clubs trust us Australia-wide


“I rode on the new ECA Crossing that is installed at Flemington last Friday. It was the safest crossing that I have been on in Australia. The horses felt great and showed no signs of even knowing that the crossover was there. These should be installed all
around Australia”

Jye McNeil

  • Victorian Metropolitan Jockey
    Premiership Winner 2021-2022
  • Melbourne Cup Winner 2020
  • Ridden over 890 Winners

“I recently Rode over the new ECA
crossover at Flemington,
it was fantastic with a Rebound
feel, not like most others that are rock
hard and potentially dangerous.
The horses stride approaching the
green crossing just like the turf, did
not alter and there was no feeling the
horses were backing off towards it.
Great job ECA!”

Damian Oliver


  • Damian Oliver has won The
    Melbourne Cup three times in
    1995, 2002 & 2013.

Become an Industry Leader
With the World’s First
Synthetic Track and Crossings Footing Solution

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We’ll show you the advantages of upgrading your track crossover by putting jockey safety, animal welfare and
improved performance with year-round accessibility at the heart of what you do.

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