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That Solves Long Term Problems, Increasing Safety to Both Jockey & Horse

Innovative track solutions, engineered to support horse and jockey health.

25 Years

Industry Experience


Racetracks Installed

You Can't Afford To Have Tracks & Crossings That Puts Your Jockey & Horse At Risk

Gallop Track Surfaces and the Equine Safety Matt Drainage Profile provides consistency, sure footing and exceptional drainage.

The Companies behind Jockey Safety & Animal Welfare.

Jockey & Horse Injuries Due To Inconsistent, Hard and Unsafe Tracks & Crossings Are A Serious Problem.

Does your facility have these issues?

We Are Here To Help

We specialize in providing consistent surface profiles that are proven to minimize the risk of injury to Jockey and Horse.

Synthetic Tracks

The owners of the Company have installed many synthetic tracks using the unique combination of polymeric binding systems incorporating fibers and sand together. 

The surface resilience, consistency and require no water.

Equine Safety Mats

With the introduction of the Equine Safety/Drainage Matt we are changing the way sand tracks, fiber sand tracks, crossovers and synthetic tracks will be built in the future.

About GallopTrack

The developers of the Company Gallop Track & Equine Crossings Australia have had many years in the Racing Industry and have formulated surfaces/drainage profiles and below surface irrigation systems that will change the way training facilities will be constructed in the future.

The Introduction of the Equine Safety Matt and Aqua Track (below surface irrigation) are taking the performance and consistency of surfaces to a new level.

The Directors of these companies with many leading participants in the racing industry consider this technology to be the new standard.

Why Choose GallopTrack?

There are only a few companies in the world that the owners have the knowledge, experience, technical backing and the range of products to suit your requirements, whether installing a Sand Track, Fiber Sand Track a Crossover or a Synthetic Track.

Our Company can provide the consistency of surface while providing a greater level of Jockey Safety and animal well-being.

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying


The new Gallop Track surface we have in our
arena at Ellerston Onassis Polo has been a
massive help to our training routine.

With all this rain recently, we have been riding up to 90 horses a day in the arena. With a quick groom from our Gallop Track groom the arena is always ready for practise chukkas or schooling whenever we want.

The surface has great grip and give for the horses to be worked hard at any time of the day, any time of the year.

It’s amazing how quiet the surface rides too.

James Harper

Ellerston Onassis Polo

Hunter Valley, NSW


Our initial concerns was “would the existing material blend with the new material” and following numerous test samples we were comfortable to move a head with the project with Gallop Track.

Working 14 days straight, the process was very
thorough and professional. The track was
reopened for track work and initial reaction and
feedback has been very positive, we have
also just encountered yet another flood and the
newly renovated Synthetic / Gallop Track was
nothing short
of fantastic.

The post service support and follow up has been
great and I look forward to continuing a long and
positive relationship moving forward with
Gallop Track.

Daniel Beckhaus

Track Manager


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A New Racing Industry Product

That Solves Long Term Problems, Increasing Safety to Both Jockey and Horse