Testimonial from Victorian Jockey’s Association

The Victorian Jockey’s Association (VJA) was made aware of the Company, Equine Crossings Australia(ECA) over twelve months ago when they installed the new Rebound Safety Crossing at Flemington asa trial. As we all are aware, dangerous Crossings in Australia have been an ongoing concern to all whoparticipate in the Racing Industry.The VJA’s priority is the […]

Ballarat Turf Club – Feedback

The Ballarat Turf Club recently installed the new ECA Rebound Safety Crossing which has been a complete game changer for our Club. It has lowered the time I spend preparing a crossover for race day and better still there is no clean up afterwards. We have had many Jockeys comment on how well the horses have travelled […]

Jockey Craig Williams Comments

Craig Williams comments on the installation of the ECA Crossover at the Ballarat Turf Club. Highlights that crossovers are one of the most dangerous aspects on a racetrack. This technology ticks all the boxes in regards to animal safety and jockey safety. https://youtu.be/_HJuIwUQSaw The ECA Crossovers have rebound with stability while providing the support for […]

Ballarat Installation

Ian Pearse discusses the installation of the Safety Mats installation at the Ballarat Turf Club The ECA Crossovers have rebound with stability while providing the support for horses. This technology is providing an increase to Jockey Safety and lowering the hardness of the current crossovers which cause so many horse injuries.

ECA Rebound Matt System

Rebound Safety Matt & Rebound Stability Matt With the near completion of several years research and development from ECA, The Austrlain Racin Industry will now be able to access crossovers that can support the movement of heavy vehicles such as tractors, cars, buses and the like while being able to meet the performance of a […]

Gallop Track & Equine Racing Australia

GallopTrack, ECA Beginnings With experience of over 20 years Track Surface Development and installations Ian Pearse from Pro ride Racing has teamed up with Michael White to address some of the racing industry ongoing concerns of hard crossings, heavy traffic access areas and uneven training tracks. This partnership is known by the company name Gallop Track […]